Commercial Pest Control in Cornelia, GA, Anderson, SC & Greenville, SC

Commercial Pest Control in Cornelia, GA, Anderson, SC & Greenville, SC

Keep Your Business Pest-Free. Reduce Costs & Increase Productivity.

Pest control should be a priority for every business. The cost to businesses from insect and rodent damage exceeds $20 billion world-wide. Not only is it costly, but inadequate pest management can also result in low company morale and a decrease in productivity. Just one pest in your workplace can have a negative financial impact on your business.

"This business is amazing! Not only do they take care of both my businesses, but they do it with professional attitude and efficiency. If I ever have an issue (which is rare) they come back for no charge and take care of my situation with no hassle. I highly recommend them and nobody will beat their prices!"

- Rufino Pato

5 star review


With Compass Pest Management’s Integrated Pest Management System, you can be sure that we will:

1) Find the source of the pest problem

2) Employ a quick, effective solution, and

3) Prevent it from happening in the future

Because pest issues can damage your business’s reputation, we understand how important it is for your company to present a clean and professional image to the public. Compass Pest Management can respond to all your pest control needs with a superior level of professional service. We work hard to ensure complete satisfaction for our clients in Georgia and South Carolina.

Common Pests We Remove in Georgia & South Carolina

The experts at Compass remove all types of pests from businesses in Georgia and South Carolina. Some of the most common include:

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Why Compass Pest Management?

With Compass, you get:

Award-winning commercial pest control

Award-winning service
from exceptionally friendly staff

Save money on commercial pest control

Affordable options
that are tailored to your business's budget and needs

Registered certified commercial pest control professionals

Registered, certified professionals
that go the extra mile for you

Commercial pest control solutions registered by the EPA

Safe products
registered with the EPA

Green commercial pest control solutions

Green solutions
that protect your business, employees, and the environment

Free commercial pest control inspection and estimate

A FREE inspection & estimate
for pests or termites

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Commercial Pest Control Service Plans

Compass Pest Management’s goal is to solve your business’s pest problems by dealing with current infestations and preventing future pests. We have many service plans to meet your needs and budget:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annual
  • Custom plans

We offer safe, convenient, and guaranteed effective pest management for your business to safeguard you, your facilities, property, and your good name. Contact Compass now for a FREE consultation and estimate.


Our Process

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Compass Pest Management utilizes Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This program includes the inspection and identification of any issue that contributes or may contribute to pest infestation. Not only are needed materials applied to eradicate pests, but exclusion techniques and other mechanical measures are employed to aid in effective control.

IPM focuses on three specific areas:

1) Inspecting for pests
2) Identifying Pests
3) Control by pest professionals

IPM bases its pest control recommendations on your business’ unique needs. Compass Pest Management’s pest control professionals do not use a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Whether sealing cracks, removing a food or water source or, when necessary, employing pesticide treatments, Integrated Pest Management is about finding the best treatment of pest problems.

Industries We Commonly Serve

Healthcare Facility Pest Control

Any healthcare facility that treats open wounds is subject to pest problems. Insects and other pests feed off the proteins created by open wounds, putting your patients at risk. Proper pest control services are imperative to ensuring the safety and security of your patients through their healing process.

Food Handling/Restaurant Pest Control

Food handling establishments are inspected regularly in South Carolina and Georgia for proper pest management. Because rodents, roaches, and ants are common pests in areas where food is processed, almost all restaurants have professional pest control. Compass provides service to some of the area’s leading food handling establishments. Why? Because we are particular about clean, excellent service. Compass provides programs designed specifically for food processing facilities. You will always know that your health inspection scores are great because Compass provided the service and sanitation advice your facility demanded.

Office/Warehouse Pest Control

Compass provides hundreds of offices, businesses, and storage facilities with complete pest control service to protect employees and work environments from insects and rodents. Most non-food handling facilities are treated tri-annually or quarterly to control unwanted pests from entering the building.


Free Pest or Termite Inspection & Estimate

Whether your business is currently experiencing pest or termite problems, or you are looking to safeguard against future infestations with ongoing prevention, Compass will be happy to provide a FREE inspection and estimate. To get started, contact us, and we will be happy to visit you from one of our locations in Georgia or South Carolina.

Free Pest or Termite Inspection and Estimate

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